J. Stalin – Cindafella ft. Young Doe [Video] Prod. The Mekanix

Posted on November 23, 2016 by


It’s the classic fairy tale: Cinderella transforms for an evening from a beleaguered servant into an elegant princess in order to win her Prince Charming. However, as Bay Area rapper J. Stalin proves, there is a fair amount of deception that goes unmentioned in that ages old story. The latest video single from On Behalf of the Streets 2, “Cindafella” inverts the famous tale, with Stalin playing the titular character over a lush instrumental courtesy of The Mekanix with twinkling keys, rubbery bass, and angelic vocal samples. Featuring an appearance from Denver’s Young Doe, the video finds Stalin in a tropical resort with video vixen September Reign, basking under palm trees and relaxing in a hammock. Though it might seem as if Stalin is the perfect gentleman, the West Oakland veteran has other intentions in mind. Explains J. Stalin, “she thinks she’s spending the night with Prince Charming, but I turn into a dirtbag at midnight.”

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