Tasha The Amazon – Die Every Day [EP]

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One of this year’s Top 10 to Watch For!

Over the past half-decade, thanks to the popularity of artists such as Drake and PartyNextDoor, Toronto Hip-Hop developed a reputation for a woozy, sensitive mixture of Rap and RnB, but the sounds of the city stretch far beyond that generalization. Coming out of the 6 with a fierce flow and beats hard enough to make Death Grips blush is Tasha The Amazon, a talented rapper/producer and the antidote to her city’s reputation for softness. Tasha releases Die Every Day, her latest EP, packed with thumping beats, ferocious verses, and anarchic lyrics. Produced entirely by Tasha and production partner Danthrax(together, they are Bass & Bakery), Die Every Day is relentless, keeping up a high level of intensity throughout its eight tracks and hardly leaving the listener room to breathe.

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