Scotty ATL – Stupid Rich [Video]

Posted on November 26, 2016 by


“The vibe of “Stupid Rich” sets the tone for the whole project. It has a gritty ATL sound to it–it reminds me off Ghetto Mafia. It was hard, straight to the point, still clever. A lot of people can relate to that. It’s produced by Cory Mo (UGK), and he can fuse the ATL sound and the UGK sound. Cory was like Pimp C’s little brother, and now I’m like Cory Mo’s little homie. It’s like the game from Pimp C is being passed down to me through him. We like family, for real. This is one of the best tracks we’ve made together so far. The black-and-white of the video shows raw emotion. There’s not a lot of theatrics in the video but you can connect with the song and person. You know what I’m saying is true.” – ScottyATL



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