Tuki Carter – Texting And Driving [Video]

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A veteran rapper and a creative entrepreneur with a soft-spoken drawl, Taylor Gang’s Tuki Carter is a unique personality in Hip-Hop. As the co-owner of the renowned tattoo shop, City of Ink, Tuki got his start in rap after his client Rick Ross introduced him to Wiz Khalifa.  Two mixtapes, and three national Taylor Gang tours later, Tuki is announcing that his upcoming mixtape, Tuki Toker, will be released via Dat Piff on December 9th. The follow-up to last year’s Tuki, which saw three singles, “Chirp,” “Good,” and “Yeah” featured on the Billboard/Twitter Emerging Artists chart, the mixtape features appearances from Wiz Khalifa, Gangsta Boo, and fellow Taylor Gang artist, JR Donato. Though the Atlanta-by-way-of-LA rapper is multifaceted in his personality and business interests, Tuki Toker focuses on his “pothead” side, with deep bass and heavy reverb to appeal to the heads. Tuki Toker is an appetizer for the upcoming Flowers & Planes, expected in 2017.

Giving a tease of what the mixtape has in store, Tuki is releasing the video for “Texting and Driving,” premiered today by 2Dopeboyz. Amongst hula-hoopers, toy car joyriders, and footwork dancers, Tuki and his squad defy the DMV over a demented dial-tone beat. While your driver’s ed teacher might disapprove, Tuki uses his charm, penchant for hooks, and ability to rip a mic as well as a joint, turning this track into a certified banger. Filled front-to-back with tracks similar in nature, Tuki Toker promises to be the next in the line of Taylor Gang projects to captivate the world.

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