Special Education w/ Kranium [Video]

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Kranium joins Special for her game show ‘Special Education’ to talk about the most fun song for him to make, working with Tory Lanez on his latest single ‘We Can’, the song he would perform at an old folks home, and details that his favorite person to work with has been a surprise collaboration with Usher.

“I worked with Usher I think 9 months back. We haven’t released it yet, we were just in the studio vibing. The funny thing about it is when we met I didn’t know what to expect and it was more than I expected because he went deep into his life and certain stuff because I was going through a situation.” When speaking on if the song will be on his project or Usher’s he said, “We don’t even know what we’re going to do with it, we just did a record and it was dope and we’re cool, we kept a connection.”

When it came down to his favorite word, Kranium and Special both put sex related words which led to Kranium, a self-proclaimed sex addict, to confess that his mom can’t listen to his music because there’s so much explicit talk about sex.


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