Hip Hop Raised Dj Semtex

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DJ Semtex has a new book out! For a more complete look, go to ShelfieGeneration.com



Almost 40 years afters the first signs of hip-hop began to show in the United States, it’s historical and cultural relevance is undeniable; the culture grabbed the World’s attention and essentially never let go.  Although still underrepresented in a lot of formal institutions, you can now find hip-hop history and appreciation classes alongside Jazz or Classical counterparts. Harvard University even created the Hiphop Archive and Research Institute this year. More importantly, hip-hop has found new ways to tell its own story! After decades of putting their reality on wax, many rappers, DJs and music executives have found books to be an important outlet for telling their complete history.


DJ Semtex, born John Fairbanks, has been a hip-hop DJ and radio host since the early 1990s. His love for hip-hop and crazy work ethic helped created what he is today – one of the most influential international players that the genre has. He has…

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