Call Me Ace – Misinterpretations [EP] + Release Party Live Stream [Video]

Posted on December 16, 2016 by


Ace caps off a milestone-filled year with the release of his new EP Misinterpretations. In addition the EP itself, we have some footage from his release party held in Oakland, California last week.

Presented to you is just a fraction of my journey, a quick glimpse. Not to be interpreted as a complete picture, but rather a snapshot to mull over. Hope you enjoy and our pushed into a new direction as I’ve been! Full of highs and lows of all types. Battling old demons and discovering more opportunities to be humbled. Reawakened passions and creativity while appreciating the mundane. Juggling work with rest. New lives and lost lives. Growing closer to the Lord and feeling distant. Such has been 2016.