Dizzy Wright & Demrick – Roll Up [Video]

Posted on December 17, 2016 by


Dizzy Wright and Demrick complement each other like a perfect hybrid strain of marijuana. With a laid-back delivery and an easygoing drawl, Dizzy Wright is a calming indica to counteract Demrick the forceful, energetic sativa. Released today via Dizzy’s YouTube channel, “Roll Up” finds the duo posting up in a dimly-lit VIP section, rolling up their favorite strands of designer weed courtesy of Crown.Genetics (including Dizzy’s own Dizzy OG), chilling with beautiful women, and smoking themselves silly. The fourth visual from Dizzy and Demrick’s collaborative mixtape Blaze With Us!, “Roll Up” is an engaging and trippy visual and an ideal demonstration of the two emcees’ unique dynamic.


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