Eric Bellinger – EBFP: An Acoustic Experience [EP]

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A respected singer-songwriter with a Grammy Award to his name, Eric Bellinger walks the fine line between street realism and R&B classicism. His most recent project, Eric B For President: Term 1, was a potent fusion of Hip-Hop and R&B, with several guest rappers and some trap-style production. Today, Eric releases EBFP: An Acoustic Experience, a re-interpretation of that EP, stripping down the project’s songs to their bare essence and revealing a core of quality songwriting, silky vocals, and clever lyricism. Accompanied only by acoustic guitar and gorgeous self-harmonies, EBFP: An Acoustic Experience adds additional tenderness to love songs such as “Remind Her” and “One of Them,” and transforms bangers such as “Snappin & Trappin” and “My Check” into lilting, sensual slow jams. Premiered by HipHopDX and featuring guest appearances from RJ, ARoc, and 11:11, EBFP affirms Eric’s position as one of the most talented, versatile artists in the world of R&B.

Eric explains his decision to record an acoustic version of his EP: “I’m an R&B artist first but I know Eric B For President: Term 1 was a very hip-hop driven project. I felt as if I needed to do some more edgy urban songs just so people knew I was capable of that type of sound as well, but I still wanted to release the project in a way that my core fan base would be able to vibe with. I’m a huge fan of the acoustic guitar. There were a lot of insane beats on the project: crazy snares, baselines, ambient sounds that may have left some of my vocals and intricate harmonies in each of the songs hidden. I knew that if I stripped down the production for EBFP, An Acoustic Experience, it would make people focus in on the vocals and lyrics. I’m a big fan of the acoustic guitar.”

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