Ezale – All It Take [Video]

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 “‘All It Take’ is a video about repeated behavior in Oakland. It’s a weird cycle. We don’t really get to choose our destiny. The little boy in the video represents me in my childhood. The video is saying how you can’t hold no one’s hand through life, even if you try. The boy is enjoying his innocence playing outside and wants to hang with my character (who represents an OG), but I have to leave to go handle something else and while I do that the kid gets robbed. When the boy picks up a pill at the end, it shows how you can only guide someone but at the end of the day, it’s up to the individual to make their own choices.  It’s crazy how something small can affect a person in a big way. Like for example, if you saw your father hit your mom at a young age even just once – that’s something that can make a man grow up a woman beater. That’s all it takes. These small but significant things have a ripple effect that can turn into a big wave.” – Ezale

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