Jillionaire – Sunrise ft. Fuse ODG & Fatman Scoop [Video]

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The accompanying video to “Sunrise,” the brand new single by Jillionaire, Fuse ODG & Fatman Scoop makes its world debut on the Major Lazer YouTube channel. Julien + Adrien, the pair of directors behind the camera for “Sunrise,” were commissioned by Feel Up Records, the label founded and owned by Jillionaire of Major Lazer.

The directors filmed Senegalese natives and casted Aida Sock as the lead actress. According to Jillionaire, “when the opportunity came up to work with a French/Senegalese crew on my new music video, we put together this coming of age story between two young lovers — a bright-eyed young woman exploring a new environment and a young man hoping to perfect his art as a wrestler.” The idea of flirtation, as a form of dance between lovers, paralleled with the strategy behind wrestling, is a theme explored by Julien + Adrien. “For many years I’ve been fascinated with the Gris Gris Fighters of Senegal, so much that I wanted to do a documentary piece on them,” adds Jillionaire. Dakar Lives, an online tourism guide to the city’s rich culture of sport, music, and art also played an influential role in scouting locations.

Julien + Adrien filmed “Sunrise” in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. The West African country’s luminous beach coastline, and its densely-populated city served as matching backdrops to the soundtrack’s Afrobeats melody. The song’s bright percussion and vibrant Caribbean-styled bassline are defining traits of African pop music currently dominating mainstream radio in the United States and Europe.


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