Afroman – Smoke a Blunt With You ft. Snoop Dogg [Song]

Posted on March 18, 2017 by


Grammy-nominated artist, Afroman releases new single featuring Snoop Dogg entitled “Smoke With You.” The video for the single will be released March 24th, 2017.

The collaboration comes to you straight out of the smoke-filled studio in Los Angeles where they recorded the song together after a fun-filled, productive kush session. “Smoke With You” showcases Afroman’s humorous, deep booming bass style with Snoop’s laid-back West Coast roll, revealing the very best from both artists.

Together the song soars effortlessly as Afroman and Snoop freestyle; rapping about their signature lifestyles; supporting and leading the way in the forward march toward the legalization of cannabis and the acceptance of its culture.

Afroman says, “It was an honor hanging with Snoop and being invited into his world. I hope everyone loves the song; and it helps evoke the elevated recreational cannabis lifestyle of the future.”


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