Dj Low Cut – Deja Vu ft. Rasheed Chappell + The Payback ft. EMS [Songs]

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Rasheed Chappell and his homeboy Soul The American Dream join Dj Low Cut on “Deja Vu” off  “Dead End,” out now. The New Jersey Mc flows mathematically during both verses about the concept of “Déjà vu” and Soul The American Dream blast the hook on a soul influenced beat by Dj Low Cut.

Storytelling has always been a base for great emcees to spread their wings beyond the normal pigeon holes of their everyday surroundings. It allows an artist to become something or someone else even if for a brief period of time. On “The Payback” EMS crew members M-Dot, Revalation and Mayhem respectively, paint a vivid depiction of individual scenarios involving the theme of “Payback.”

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