Tasha The Amazon – Prayer [Video]

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Atypical among Toronto artists because of her industrial rap sound, Tasha The Amazon brings a fiery intensity to her music. Basking in the spotlight with a dozen of her best friends, Tasha cuts a menacing figure in “Prayer,” her latest music video. Premiered by PAPER Mag, the video evokes Tasha’s legendary warehouse parties, for which she has developed a reputation in the 6. A hedonistic and threatening party anthem, “Prayer” is a highlight from Tasha’s recent album Die Every Day, which recently earned a nomination for Rap Recording of the Year in the Juno Awards, where she rubbed elbows with Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau. Canada’s biggest music award show, the Juno Awards placed her alongside fellow nominees Drake, Tory Lanez, Belly, and Jazz Cartier and recognized Die Every Day as one of the five best Canadian rap albums of 2016.

Tasha explained the concept behind the song and video to Paper Mag: “We were inspired by how people react when I perform the song live. It has such a crew feeling that it made sense to do a video with the crew being a focal point. The people in the video are friends who I came up with in the downtown Toronto party scene. There’s a couple of artists. One of my friends is an alternative model, and another one is a fashion designer and a sunglasses designer. For ‘Prayer,’ the beat is really dark and cool and has a power to it and I wrote it in one afternoon. I didn’t fully realize the energy it had it until I performed it for the first time. I asked the crowd to repeat after me and they responded so well.”

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