Tony K – Circa ’96 [Song]

Posted on April 26, 2017 by


“My mind state 2Pac Circa ’96” Tony K sings on the hook of his latest single, the song as explained by Tony K puts him in the mind state that rapper Tupac Shakur was in during his most controversial year, 1996. “During that year Pac released hit em up which is to me one of the best diss records of all time so I’m saying that at the moment I’m ruthless like Pac was back then” says Tony K who self-produced, wrote, recorded, mixed, mastered and created the artwork for the song functioning as a one-man team.
The Detroit native has been making some noise with the release of some of 2016’s most notable mashups the viral 2Pac Vs. Game of Thrones project “The Don Killuminati: The Seven Kingdoms” and the Michael Jackson Hip-Hop mash-up album “The Hip-Hop Michael” and also the release of Tony K’s “Welcome to Baghdad” song and music video which gave us a horrific look into war-torn Iraq.
Circa ’96 is one of many songs set to be released in the upcoming months, including a track with a well known legendary rapper that Tony K has yet to reveal, visit to stay up to date on new releases and more.