#DaFiveFingerDiscount: ZotheJerk & Frost Gamble – Black Beach [Interview]

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ZoTheJerk & Frost Gamble have a new album dropping later this month, on May 26, called Black Beach. Before it drops, they sat down with Da-What.com to give our readers #DaFiveFingerDiscount. Check out a 5-preview below along with some insight from the artists themselves. Make sure you pre-order Black Beach today!

“Risk vs. Reward” featuring Sadat X

Frost: I first worked with Sadat in 2014, and you just know he’s someone who will come thru everytime. The most interesting part of this song to me is how much Zo was “in my head” on this one. I think about Risk vs Reward in most of my decisions, and try to teach my son to avoid ‘low risk but no reward’ situations – which can be a tough thing for a kid to appreciate. Zo nailed that and then some on this joint; teaching and sharing wisdom is really at the core of what Zo delivers.

Zo: Frost sent me the track rons ago and I actually had wrote another song to the beat. I scrapped the whole song because I felt it didn’t do the production justice. Risk vs Reward came to as I moved into a different chapter in my life. I turned the page so to speak. I think without risk rewards are minimal. I decided to leap and tam huge risks. I let this beat be the ambiance of that risk as I spewed out the lyrics of my life. Having Sadat jump on the joint was an honor as he is a legend. He delivers as Sadat always does and the song was an instant classic.
“Axe Somebody”

Frost: I had made this beat about 3 years ago and pitched it another artist I know well; but he didn’t want it, so I just tucked it away and forgot about it. But when we starting thinking about bonus cuts for Black Beach, this came to mind… it’s all about that throwback vibe, which seemed like a great way to help introduce fans of Veteran to ZotheJerk.

Zo: This was actually a freestyle joint. I just rapped. Pure hip hop. I decided to just allow the beat to take the lyrics where they needed to be. Then me and Bo freestyled a in studio video shoot to compliment the video. It was a great time from start to finish with joint. It’s easy when Frost keeps giving me heat.
“My Negus” featuring Guilty Simpson

Frost: This track is really special to me; the beat has a cool airy vibe to it, and Zo went in on it in a major way. I’ve wanted to work with Guilt since Ode to the Ghetto; he has such unique soulful style; and they sound so natural together.  We have another cut with Zo & Guilt in the vault; I can’t get enough of these two together.

Zo: I wrote this on instantly upon hearing this soulful joint. Everything came together. Nothing was forced it just flowed. I wanted to convey how sanctions attempt to control everything black folks do. It’s like let us talk to us the way we want. We understand it’s not for you to understand. Guilt came on and just Killed it as he always does. Another classic moment in hip hop.


Frost: This was all about making the most of the moment. We had some scheduled time at the A3C conference that got re-booked, so we decided to shoot a video in Atlanta with the extra time. I’m not much for putting my face on camera, so this is a rare appearance for me – but that entire trip was amazing.  Shout to Martel who held us down with the camera all week!

Zo: Adding to what Frost said we had no real vision for the video we just started filming and it was great fun! We knew we had a dope cut and it was the first face to face meeting we had we let the energy flow. My cousin Martel shot the vid and hung out with us the whole trip. Definitely one for the history books and the end result is phenomenal. It provokes a lot of thought and showcases the struggle which is what we set out to do.

“Think Like a Man Too”

Frost: This was the 1st song we ever did together, and what a great start it was. Zo dropped the track the same time as the movie, and it worked pretty well, even some of the film’s actors checked out the song.  My homie DJ Benz laid down the cuts on this one, such a fun record to put together.

Zo: I took the concept and flipped Biggies 10 crack commandments. I was inspired by the movie “Think like a man too”. I decided what if we make an instruction manual for thinking like a man should for men! I then let the pen do the rest. This joint is stellar and should be in every heads playlist.