Jessie Reyez – Gatekeeper + Gatekeeper: A True Story (The Short film) [Videos]

Posted on May 11, 2017 by


Jessie Reyez has shared the powerful new video for her new single, “Gatekeeper“. Based on her personal journey and brought to life through her raw and emotional lyrics, Reyez narrates through the dark corner of fame with a moving story about her early days trying to make it in the music industry. Taken from a short film that will follow the video’s release, the “Gatekeeper” video is an intimate first look through Reyez’s eyes, not only through music, but also through her storytelling and acting.

Jessie Reyez has been quiet in press while releasing her first videos and her debut EP, Kiddo. Today, she shared a short film based on her personal experience from coming up in the music industry -it’s the footage from which the “Gatekeeper” video came. It’s a strong message to young women that they can make it in the music industry without succumbing to pressure or becoming a sexual assault statistic.

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