Joey Bada$$ talks AABA: choosing Styles P, not writing ‘Devastated’, & more [Video]

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I hope you’re following @SpecialSays right now because she has been dropping non-stop amazing stuff for a while now. She is tapped in with the artists I want to hear from and she is always asking questions that I don’t hear elsewhere… Check out one of her latest here.

Joey Bada$$ joins Special again for her game show Special Education, this time to solely discuss his latest album ‘All Amerikkkan Badass’. The two speak about the easiest song to write with Joey choosing ‘Devastated’ saying he didn’t write it, ‘I went in the booth and it just came to me’, while Special chooses ‘Why U Don’t Love Me’ which compels Joey to explain that he looks at it as his feminine-esque track, writing a letter to the country as if he’s in a relationship with it. When it comes to the hardest song on the album Joey details that his collab with J. Cole ‘Legendary’ was the most difficult because for a long time it was just his first verse and it took hearing Cole’s verse to write the hook. Special chooses the release date 4/7 as Joey’s favorite thing about the album and he agrees adding that it was destiny with 4/7 being the day that his late great mentor and best friend Capital Steez released his first mixtape ‘Amerikkkan Corruption’. When asked his favorite collab on the album Joey simply says everyone while Special hones in on the importance of Styles P especially with Joey being from NY, and Joey details that he already had the song ‘Super Predator’ written but heard an interview where Styles was talking about the super predator era so he knew he would be perfect for the song and gave him a call.

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