Maxo Kream – Grannies [Video] Prod. Mexiko Dro

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This past January, Maxo Kream took a moment to break from the usual excess and bravado of rap.
Choosing instead to expose the bleak reality lurking beneath the surface, Maxo returns to Southwest Houston in the disturbingly placid visual for the Complex-premiered single “Grannies.” In the visual, Maxo’s neighbors and friends are at the forefront, tattoos, scars, and all. The sun shining off his glittering grill provides a brilliant juxtaposition to Maxo’s gut-wrenching stories: “Grindin’ with my family through the struggle, hold em down regardless.”

Explains Maxo to XXL, “I made this song so people could understand me. A lot of my fans are in the white hipster internet crowd. They like my music, but they don’t know why I say certain shit. They can’t relate to it. ‘Grannies’ describes a typical scene at my Grandma’s place which is where I lived after Mom and Dad kicked me out when I was 14 or 15 years old. Everything I said in that song, n*ggas know. Ain’t no secret, it’s real.”

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