Harmonious Monks – Freestyle Fridays EP. 05: A Date With The Health Inspector [Video]

Posted on May 21, 2017 by


This week, the Harmonious Monks continue to rise to the musical challenge their Freestyle Friday series presents. With the band “flawlessly transitioning” between the classic jazz, shuffle, and rock-inspired beats, the Monks take on each of these genres with unparalleled music innovation, putting their own spins on classic tunes. They even play a beat in 5/4 time signature, something no other hip-hop group is doing. MC Martin masterfully spits verses to the band’s changing instrumental, despite these beats being unknown to him before turning the cameras on. His ability to adapt to these changes and freestyle with no written verses proves that he can really spit, setting him apart from other modern rappers. The Monks’ fresh instrumental sound inspires MC Martin to come up with witty lines off the dome such as, “You know it’s real shit, spittin’ the truth every time I do this. Kinda like Will Smith in After Earth, I gotta hit you with that master verse.” The Monks’ cohesive collaboration brings an authenticity to their sound and performance that can only be produced with a creative rapper and tight band.

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