P-Lo – Feel Good ft. G-Eazy [Song]

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An in-demand producer and a popular rapper, P-Lo is the Bay Area’s foremost provider of bangers. Feinting with an airy, pleasant introduction, P-Lo quickly gets down to brass tacks on “Feel Good,” a lurching monster of a club banger. With low, rumbling bass, the FADER-premiered “Feel Good” is one of P-Lo’s best beats yet, as the backing track subtly shifts while never losing the song’s titanic stomp. Featuring an appearance from frequent collaborator G-Eazy, who chronicles the numerous ways he gets money, “Feel Good” is the latest single from P-Lo’s forthcoming More Than Anything project. Expanding P-Lo’s sonic palette beyond Bay Area club music, More Than Anything releases May 12th.

Explains P-Lo: “I remember the day I made this song, I was having one of those days where my allergies were acting completely mainey, and then on top of that my girl was hella trippin on me, and I was just really upset, and ‘feelin good’ is all I really wanted. I had the beat and song already done, but I wasn’t fully in love with the drums, and I’ve known J Gramm for a minute, so we linked up one day and I had him re-do the drums. I got Gerald [G-Eazy] on the song after the fact. I know he’s a hardworking dude, so I knew he would really feel where I was coming from with this concept. I think a bad bitch is a woman who is able to sustain the lifestyle she wants to live without me – she needs to be able to be happy without my presence, and at the same time treat me like me how I would treat her, and thats with the utmost love, care and affection.”

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