Call Me Ace – 2interpretations [Album]

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Nothing I could say would be better than hearing it directly from Ace:

As soon as “Misinterpretations” was released, I was hungry to drop another project. Not because I was unsatisfied with the EP, but because I fell more in love with making music, performing, and impacting lives with my gift. I was already seeing the fruits of my labor – people reaching out both to encourage me and seek encouragement, offers to perform and inquiries of my next performances, and so on. There were also some people that either hated it or “rebuked” me for what I was actually representing…all the more reason I stand behind the title and decided to make a sequel!

I was feeling the momentum once the EP dropped and felt like I could do so much more. There was just ONE thing. When I created “Misinterpretations,” I had just graduated school and had 3 months of funemployment time. Once the EP was out though, I was passed the 90 day mark at my new job, and the work was only beginning to increase.

Nonetheless, I didn’t want the job to deter my ability to work. Far from it, I owned the new season in my life and became a “consultant by day, rapper by night.” Literally. Many nights after tremendously long work hours, I would stay up even later to make music or carve out pockets of time during my commutes to jot down some bars. I had to be even more efficient with my time and also just depend more on prayer. All was worth it though in the end, as I had quite a bit of songs to choose from for the making of “2interpretations.”

After “Misinterpretations”, I met several other producers and artists across the US that heard the work I did with Sean T, believed in the vision, and was down to collab with me on the “2interpretations” LP. I’m excited to have a new project that has increased in sonic diversity while expanding on the story and foundation we set with the first installment of Misinterpretations. The final tracklist for “2interpretations” is:

1. Napalm (prod. DJ LVK)
2. Mercury (prod. J-Dot Music)
3. United Nations (prod. Sean T)
4. Burnin’ (prod. Dran Fresh)
5. Run (prod. J. Rhodan)
6. Day Job Flow feat. Shiwan (prod. J-Dot Music)
7. Whateva (prod. Mu8icbox)
8. Lake Merritt (prod. Deli)
9. #Bethelight (prod. J-Dot Music)

With the successful release of this project, I’m confident that no obstacle is going to hold me back from sharing my God-given gift to the world. With that said, I hope you enjoy! If you do, please be sure to like, comment, and share!


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