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Da-What is a hip hop website that strives to bring you information above all else.  We write album reviews, conduct interviews as well as post downloads and videos – all the while introducing our readers to good music new and old.

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  1. Sway boi

    June 29, 2012

    You should seriously give my music a shot check it out and tell me what you think blog it if you would like it!!!!
    Everyone watch my new video here it is flossin
    Support share like and comment please and thank you !!!


  2. http://officialchinwemusic.blogspot.com/

From the crowded streets of Brookyln, New York, a hero emerges. 
A new female rapper by the name of Chinwe. 
As an up and coming female rapper she pushes hard to become known in the evergrowing genre that is 
hip hop. Chinwe writes and delivers from the heart. Her lyrics are belted out over complex yet catchy 
beats to create a diverse sound. 
Currently, Chinwe has two singles available on iTunes and professionally shot music videos for 
Chasing Dreams and Breeze Pass. 
Although she has been mainly touring the east coast, her songs have reached an international level. 
Her new mixtape will be released later this year 
She is part of a Crew called Teamup, which consist of other rapper In brooklyn, Ny.

  3. We would like to submit our music and would like to know your procedure and submission guideline

  4. We are a young and talented rap group from Raleigh, NC & we just want to be heard and known. We would greatly appreciate it if you entered us with at least one of our songs onto your blog. (Twitter: @OstylesNC , @YoungKizer , @illindividuals)

    Social links: illindividuals@gmail.com


    Thanks, ill individuals


  5. How’s it going, my name is Woo and I’ve been doing some research and I really enjoy your website. I was wondering if you could post this video up on your website, it’s one of my up-beat songs called “No L’s”. I would like it if you could upload my video and get me some views. We can build an relationship and I can get more people to come to your website, and I can keep submitting my music and videos to you. Thanks for taking the time out to read this. Im a 19 year old artist from Pittsburgh looking to get my music to a bigger crowd. Please don’t hesitate to reply and let me know how you feel about the song and creating a business relationship with one another. God Bless.

    -Title: “Woo – NO L’s” (Woo)
    Subject: The song is about not losing, becoming a winner it also has a twist because i talk about not smoking I just recently stopped smoking so I stopped taking L’s-(blunts). Like I said before I’m from Pittsburgh, I do all types of hip-hop music this is just one of my more up beat songs. I just like to rap about things that go on in my life. Im looking for some exposure.

    Twitter – @WooHOD x @WootheMC
    Facebook – Myron ‘Woo’ Taylor
    Youtube – youtube.com/hodtv412

  6. Hip Hop is more than music, it’s a way of life.

  7. What’s up man? I love your site it’s definitely one of my favorite music sources. My name is Will Pittman (iLL WiLL), Im a 16 year old MC from Chester,PA, a small town outside of Philadelphia. Here is a link to a Music Video I recently released titled #RoadToCali Freestyle; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAWVNgErLHw Please check it out and let me know what you think.

    Twitter/Instagram: @illwill610

    Shot by Tedd Miller (@TeddFilmaker)

    Thank you for your time

  8. Thank you for checking us out. If you want your music posted on Da-What.com, send it to the5collaborators at gmail dot com.


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