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Wiz Khalifa- Kush and Orange Juice

April 15, 2010


Wiz Khalifa’s newest mixtape dropped a couple of days ago via twitter #RealWizKhalifa. Which he then proceeded to take over, shooting to the #1 most searched keyword. O and Google too while he was at it. Hit the jump for the download link and preview.

B.o.B. & Hayley Williams- Airplanes

April 12, 2010


With only 2 weeks left until  B.o.B’s debut album “The Adventures of Bobby Ray”, the buzz and anticipation is certainly building. I personally can’t wait for the album to drop because it features the smash hit “Nothin On You”, as well as appearances by Eminem, John Legend,  T.I. and Lupe Fiasco!  “Airplanes” was leaked today […]

Wu-Tang vs. The Beatles

April 1, 2010


This came out a couple of months ago but if you missed it, it’s well worth your time. The Hip-Hop vs. Rock mash-up genre has been heavily adopted recently with Jay-Z being mixed with a few rock-star bands (Beatles, Oasis, Coldplay, Incubus..). And I know people are a little tired of hearing these types of […]

G-Eazy from the Bay to LA

March 30, 2010


This is the first time we’ve featured G-Eazy a Bay Area native currently attending school in New Orleans, LA. He recently opened for Lil’ Wayne’s  “Before I Go Tour” and has performed with Girl Talk, Curren$y, Cory Gunz, Juvenile, Afroman and DJ Jazzy Jeff. My homie George put me on to his LP “The Epidemic” […]

1 year

January 20, 2010


Now that we are one year into an era that Tupac said America wasn’t ready for, let’s listen to Obama’s take on Hip-Hop. Dude is obviously a fan!

Da Be@t Detective: Mysterious Vibes edition

December 12, 2009


In this edition I’m going to highlight and discuss one of my favorite samples of all time. “Mysterious Vibes” by The Blackbyrds(1977) is one of the smoothest tracks I’ve ever heard and it plays out perfectly as a sample. The first time I heard the sample was on the track “Still Lookin” by Dom Kennedy(2008) […]

Sene but not heard

December 9, 2009


For weeks now my homie Elliot had been telling me about an amazing album by Sene & Blu: ADayLate&ADollarShort. I checked for it mostly because of Blu’s name, but when i listened i was surprised to hear another great MC spiting. Blu in fact did not have a single verse on the album (relegating himself […]

December 4th

December 4, 2009


40 years and approximately 9 months ago today Jay-Z was conceived under a Sycamore tree which i guess makes him a more sicker MC. 1 year ago today DaWhat was conceived on old rickety blogspot which i guess makes it a surprise we’re a wordpress hotspot (haha see, thats why I leave the rhyming to […]


November 3, 2009


I haven’t listened to it yet but Wiz Khalifa comes with consistent “fiyahhh”, so I’m gonna go ahead and post his most recent mixtape “Burn After Rolling”. Update: Another good mixtape from Wiz Khalifa, every song slaps except “If I were a lame”. Wiz needs to stay away from the autotune.

Old Magic

October 29, 2009


We’ve featured Wiz Khalifa quite a bit on the DaWh@t but never his debut album “Show and Prove”(2006). It’s remarkable to see his evolution as an artist, when you compare his older and recent material you notice he’s shifted his style quite a bit. Hit the jump for my 2 fave tracks off the album […]