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Devine Carama – God Said I’m the Nicest (interlude) ft. D’ Lee [Song] Prod. Obvious

September 10, 2016 by


“Kingtucky is a project where I really wanna push the pen. My last project (The Glorious BIG) tried some new things sonically & focused on the music. On the album I really put a focus back on the lyrics. “God Said I’m the Nicest was just me & D’Lee in the studio throwing didn’t verses […]

Devine Carama & Jet Taylor – The Glorious BIG [EP]

July 3, 2016 by


It’s been over almost 2 years (Believing In Forever) since my last full length album.. So before locking back in with familiar producers and doing what I usually do, I wanted to branch out with a slightly different sound to try and expand my creativity a little more. Jet usually works with a lot younger […]

Devine Carama – Performance Enhancing [Song]

June 6, 2016 by


“My daughter’s (both teenagers) like it when daddy I “raps like today’s rappers”…… lol So I figured I’d go over a beat that the kids are turning up to these days, but give them a little substance while I’m at it. A little medicine in the ice cream, so to speak. Just having some fun!”

Devine Carama – Smoke Signal to Oddisee [Song] Prod. Jet Taylor

May 11, 2016 by


“As time goes, the scale of hip hop balance tips further and further into the ratchet space… Very few MCs these days, on the mainstream or underground levels, speak to social issues and invoke a more positive message. Oddisee, one of my favorites MCs, is one of the few that does. This track is just […]

Devine Carama – What’s Love ft. Fredd C. [Song] Prod. Jet Taylor

April 20, 2016 by


“Anybody that has ever been apart of the rap game in any capacity knows how cut throat the business is. Living in a small hip hop market like Lexington, KY we deal with the “crab in a bucket” mentality more times than not. Young vs.old, conscious vs gangsta, lyrical vs melodic, etc. Fredd C (who […]

Devine Carama – Only We Know [Song] Prod. Jet Taylor

March 30, 2016 by


“The hook has a sample that says “only we know”.. So approached each verse as a story in which I’m telling another individual that whatever happened is between us. Letting them know that I KNOW, but their secrets are safe with me. The way the beat is constructed I was able to write each story […]

Devine Carama & JK-47 – The Jewelztape II: 500 Bars to Glorious [Mixtape]

February 27, 2016 by


Over the last month or so I’ve released a 3 part freestyle series entitled, “500 Bars to Glorious”. Each part consisting of a compilation of verses over classic & popular industry beats. my DJ, JK-47, compiled not only the 3 parts of “500 Bars to Glorious” but the individual freestyles within each part as well into […]

Devine Carama – 500 Bars To Glorious Pt. 3: Mainstream Massacre [Song]

February 20, 2016 by


This of course sets up the upcoming EP “The Glorious B.I.G.” dropping sometime in March. On part 3, which Devine Carama aptly named “Mainstream Massacre“, he spits a few verses over some of the industry’s trendiest records by Drake, Future, Yo Gotti, & more.

Devine Carama – 500 Bars to Glorious Pt 2 [Song]

January 22, 2016 by


“For part 2 my approach was less “lyrical” than its predecessor.. I wanted drop more jewels on this one. More things to ponder on. 9th’s beats have always inspired my pen. The soulful samples to the heavy yet dirty drums leaves you know choice to write something thought provoking. I know his born day just […]

Devine Carama & JK-47 – 500 Bars to Glorious Pt. 1 [Song]

January 6, 2016 by


Hope everyone had a blessed holiday session and is ready to tackle 2016 like I am! After taking most of 2015 off (besides the release of my A Vintage Love Supreme mixtape w/ producer DJ Well Blended) to focus on some community work in my hometown through my children’s non profit Believing In Forever Inc., I’m locked in […]